Part of our commitment to innovative digital, we created a custom proofing system for Dark Horse that reduced labour time while increasing approval rates. Easy payment options and auto emails made the system a joy for clients and staff alike.

Uncluttered login screen

Clients can login through this login screen to see current and previous jobs that require digital proof approval to commence on print.

A forgot password feature also reduces calls and customer support enquires.


Full responsive design capabilities

The second version of our proofing system now includes responsive design as standard - meaning digital proof previews, approvals and payments can now all be completed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

So no matter how your access the proof system, it works the way you want it to.


Auto-generation of emails and previews

Removing the need to repeat the same questions and processes, the proofing system also auto creates JPEG previews when PDFs are uploaded. This gives clients a quick snapshot of the design before opening it.

Auto emails when approved, declined or commented on keep Dark Horse updated and aware of client requests.


The Proof System Admin

A simple structure of clients, contacts and jobs provides all the management any print company would need. Create your clients, add their contacts and get proofs approved in minutes.

Total management of jobs means everyone is aware of job statuses, reminders and alerts.


Managing a job

Jobs are very simple to set up. Choose the client and it displays the contacts you can tick to send notifications of the proof to.

Then you upload the proof, enter the quantity, price and job number. That's it. The proof system takes care of the rest.


How the proofing system started

Through careful planning, consultation, design and code, we were able to produce a very simple yet sophisticated print proof system that is easy to use, simple for customers and efficient to run.

Visit the Dark Horse Proof System.




Dr. Dennis J. Maddern

Since 2011, (id) digital have been providing our financial advisory with engaging, interesting and well-defined digital. Through (id), our website, brand, promotions, stationery and systems have been built and maintained with excellent customer service.

Dr. Dennis J. Maddern, Maddern Financial Advisers P/L

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