When working with some of the most well known brands in the world, People Ingenuity needed a style guide to ensure consistent visual communication with their market. We delivered.

Fresh life into an existing brand

Recently changing names from HR Ingenuity to People Ingenuity provided a clear message - HR is more about people than HR itself. Key people with key skills needs a fresh approach.


A new tagline

By keeping the message clean and focused without any distractions and noise, we can concentrate on the vision and purpose.

With plenty of space for the tagline to breathe, we get a sense of purpose and clarity.


A new style needs context

A sample of the People Ingenuity style guide shows how context plays an important role in identifying purpose and position of colour, type-face and visuals.

Visuals with the brand colours subtlely integrated and circles representing the vastness of people skills and quality demonstate the firm belief that the right skills and the right people fit roles perfectly.


New icons create a unique offering

People Ingenuity splits services into four main areas - HR Talent, HR Learning, HR Capability and HR Solutions - each with their own purpose, visiion and deiverables.

(id) created a concise and consistent icon pack representing these areas which on their own are creative and professional.


Typeface identification

Consistent typefaces provide confidence throughout digital communication - both online and offline.

By clearly identifying the typefaces for use within specific areas of digital and print, People Ingenuity can ensure their brand and business remains relevant and clever.


Colour identification

Never has it been more crucial that colour be consistent. Consistent colour provides mood, emotion and relevance. Inconsistent colour provides doubt, distraction and indifference.

Our simplified colour chart displays the colours as well as their PMS, HEX, RGB and CMYK colour profies so all facets of the business are aware and in use.


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