Educating the specific target market on the sales force services Ascott Sales supplies can take quite a lot of time. With the new website and explainer video, visitors are educated faster and clearer.

The previous website

Without responsive design and more emphasis on the success in the past, we recommended to Ascott Sales to change the website and add an explainer video.

We identified through analytics and conversions that visitors needed to be educated better through an effective and engaging offering.


The script

Working with the client, we made sure that all the major messages would be in the explainer video with the right amount of exposure and time.

The design and animation needed to be smooth, consistent and punchy - keeping the target market engaged right to the very end.

Three revision stages for the script gained the approval of the client and we commenced on production.


Up and running

The website and explainer video are now live and achieving their goals. Visitors are watching the video the whole way through, more visitors are finding the site in search engines through carefully selected keyword copywriting.

Visit the Ascott Sales website and explainer video.


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