Over 3,000 products with bulk discount options, multi currency support, worldwide shipping systems and integration with stock management controls gives this site the tools, design and customers to be successful.

An Austraian Inspired Interface

Most online stores push their product hard which reduces the clarity and simplicity a store should have.

We changed this. We wanted to inspire shoppers with Australian visuals that provide a sense of raw ingredients, sourced from nature with a commitment to quality.


Search and Category Systems

With such a huge amount of products, we need to make sure customers can find the products they want with ease.

Large and easy category selection allows shoppers to browse while the predictive text search bar provides quick access to familiar products.

Even if you get the product name wrong, we also back up the search feature with Google's Custom Search Engine that will only display results from the website.


Simple & Detailed Product Details

Large high quality visuals, social sharing options, discount availability on almost all products and huge amounts of product information provide exactly what the customer wants to make simple and confident purchase decisions.

Produch pricing can take on two forms also - bulk discounts or fixed price. Bulk discounts supply discount calculations when customers purchase in bulk - buy more and save more. Fixed price provides a solid price for specific sizes and options on products.


Find what you need easily

Every page on the Australian Vitamins website provides simple access to a full list of product categories and options which allow visitors to browse, be inspired and find products they may not have known existed.

This encourages upselling, suggestive purchasing and higher average orders per customer.


Sophisticated yet simple content management

As the orders fly in, the custom build content management system keeps managing them simple.

Orders have multiple statuses (new, on hold, shipped), order stock management (in stock, ordered, waiting, out of stock) that syncs with the physical store's systems, auto emails based on change of statuses and reports.


Product management is a breeze

3,000+ products can be hard to manage.

Therefore the product management module of the CMS allows a few quick clicks to add products, feature them on the homepage, place them on sale and update all product pricing by % due to inflation and wholesale cost.

Visit the Australian Vitamins website.


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