With a specific emphasis on total uniqueness and character, Energy Lab required a memorable and relevant mascot that reiterated the need for energy efficient homes and commercial properties. We definitely rose to the challenge.

Educational business cards

As the business was fresh and new when we were first approached, we knew the target market needed an efficient and effective introduction.

The first run of business cards were engaging, story-based, explained the services on offer and the necessary contact details were clear and prominent.

A huge amount of interest came from the sending of these business cards to the market.


The next round of direct mali marketing

With an increase in proerty development and the updating of building codes across the east of Australia, Energy Lab (previously Energy Inc) enlisted our services to create a clever flyer to cover the supply and demand of their services.

Again, we attracted the right market and the amount of clients noticably increased.


Energy Inc became the leader

By the time our services were enlisted for a third time in promos, we wanted to simplify the offering and key message.

A clever visual showing the need for clever energy use mixed with the value and offering of Energy Inc was sent out to architects and home builders with a very positive reaction.


The Carbon Crusader

This robotic super hero was born from the admiration of a previous brand element (id) created and used back in 2010.

With the help of one of Melbourne's best comic book illustrators, we developed the mascot to co-exist on the website in a comic book fashion. The mascot is memorable and unique - especially having the Energy Inc (Lab) logo emblazoned on his chest.

Visit the Energy Lab website.


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