Christmas is the time to provide personal and memorable gifts to one-another. A Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa gift voucher ticks all the boxes and an email newsletter is the best way to inform people of their existence.

We start with wireframes

To ensure we provide the key messages to subscribers, we collaborate with the client and present our ideas in interactive wireframe form. These wireframes show how we would send the newsletter and back it up through social media channels.


Newsletter wireframes

The EDMs (Email Direct Marketing) needed to carry four key messages - the outcome of buying a gift voucher, print & post option, pay & print option, and the extended holiday opening hours.

We provides the outcome centre stage, and the options underneath to ensure the major message of vouchers is educated to everyone.


The results are in

Elegant visuals mixed with clever short explainer text meant key messages were absorbed fast.

With the recent upgrade of the website to include a pay and print at home voucher option, more people utilised this technology than the traditional posted method. Some even purchased their Christmas vouchers on Christmas Day morning.

Visit the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa website.


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