When you need to look DIY, you don't need to look cheap to target a market sensitive with cost and quality. You need to be simple and service orientated.

When price and quality matter

When approaching this task, we knew we had to appeal to price conscious buyers. We needed to show high quality kitchens at an afforable price. With an irresistable price and an emphasis on Australian made, customers swarmed for the key messages.


When choice is parmount

DIY doesn't mean cheap. It means flexibility, accuracy, tailored and simplicity. When creating the Kitchens U Build catalogue, we knew colour and texture options sell Kitchens.

Our polished finished kitchens with options to suit would give the buyer choice and confidence.


A simple process to follow

With just three simple steps to Kitchen success, we proved to customers that anyone can do DIY - even if you've never lifted a hammer.

With installation now available through Kitchens U Build, their business and customer support has increased dramatically. The support of the printed material also educates and demonstrates quality, simplicity and incredible kitchen finishes.


A DIY Kitchen location near you

As Kitchens U Build continues to grow, we continue to support their business with clever visuals, enticing printed material with deep brand integration.


Brand Style Guide

A page out of the Kitchens U Build style guide shows the level of detail we enforce. Clear identification of colours, fonts, spacing, monochrome formats and stationery structure keep the brand consistent and relevant.


The latest campaign - personalise

No doubt Kitchens are we spend a lot of time together with family and friends. Kitchens provide the personality for the whole house so we introduced a new typeface that provides a welcoming, personal approach to Kitchens U Build.


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