To remain relevant in a saturated marketplace, you need to innovate and change. Over the last four years, we have achieved this by slowly introducing modern elements into the brand and collateral.

The Maddern Memo - 2013

A quarterly publication that provided current and potential clientele with useful information, service outlines and upcoming events.


Email signature design and code

To breathe new live into a very traditional business, we started with the email signatures - to ensure the brand introduction of modern elements was consistent.


Seminar invitations

To further promote the key personnel of MFA, (id) designed seminar invitations that demonstrated the qualifications and high service promise of the business.

It was at this time we recommended that MFA be split into three relatable business arms - where green served as the colour for private wealth.


Where traditional meets modern

As the Maddern suite of logos is very traditional, we needed to introduce a modern font that was both legible and relatable to the existing brand.

We chose a typeface with many weights, styles and options - thin to promote class and thick to promote strength.

The letterhead simply works and provides the company with the space and freedom required.


The new Maddern Memo

Soon to hit news-stands, cafes and client mail boxes is the new and improved Maddern Memo - now known as the Maddern Digest.

Packed full of useful and relevant information, the first issue to be released in the first quarter of 2015.


Team Member Profile PDFs

Giving someone total access to your money, aspirations and assets requires trust and reassurance.

We suggested to MFA that individual PDF profles be made to quickly introduce their team and gain the required trust via email and in person. They allow the potential client to take the time to gain the confidence they need with their life.


New brochure wireframes

No matter what we do, we always make sure our clients are a part of each step in the process. These wireframes are for a new series of brochures to market each of the business arms of MFA.

They provide a simple yet detailed introduction for potential clients to understand the structure, services and systems in place.

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