With two data streams, online payments, smooth code and a clever backend, Castran Gilbert needed a team that was both creative and technical. They found it with (id).

Sit back and watch

You can also remove all the information about the individual property and just watch high quality full screen visuals fade in and out on your screen.

Bring your mouse to the top or bottom and the interface comes back to life. Perfect.

Visit the CGPI website.


Interactive how to guide

The site also offers those with limited computer skills a clean and simple outline of the website uses and benefits.

Full screen video on mobile and tablet devices always provides a clean and effortless way to engage and explore property.

Jake Foster

We came to ID Digital a bit distressed with a half finished project from another agency. ID was fantastic in helping us get our project back on track and delivered for our team. Their professional approach and personal service means that we've launched various other projects with ID Digital.

Jake Foster, Castran Gilbert
Simple yet sophisticated

How do you make a very complex system simple to use and elegant to view? You strip it of everything it doesn't need and only provide the content the user desires.

This is the introductory page of the property invest portal.


Scroll and select

Visually pleasing and the rich simplistic structure provide an elegant means to sort and sift through high profile properties eager for purchasers to invest in.

Simple content points give the investor a quick summary of the property with more information available at a click.


High resolution at every point

Further information on the property is available with interactive Google Maps, specific agent details, high quality rotating photography and also the ability to hold a property so no one else can purchase it before you make your decision.

Property investment service at its peak.


A full screen desktop experience

No advertising banners, no clutter, no annoying convincing text - just clean lines, high quality photos and the information purchasers need before they want more.


Responsive means wide-spread usability

With a massive increase of mobile phone, tablet, and tv internet access, there is now more devices with more sizes than ever before. We made sure the Castran Gilbert Property Invest website was coded and cleverly presented for all layouts, screen resolutions and functions.


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