An engaging responsive website full of high quality information, resources and services provides high profile organisations and companies with an offering they need to succeed.

Clever movile experience

Responsive design is crucial in human resources as most people within the industry are mobile based. We have made sure the brand, key message, conversion points and free white papers are all before the fold.


A clean and simple interface

We designed the interface around the colours identified in the style guide with a total emphasis on content and conversion.

Your current position in the site is identified through breadcrumbs while typeface and text size hierarchy give a level of content structure and importance.


A full screen experience

When viewing the website on a tablet or desktop, you gain a full screen expereince with integrated video and parallax scrolling.


A website you can take yout time with

Large enterprises and companies wanting to upskill or train their team need high quality information to make decisions with.

The website provides detailed information where it needs to and elegantly moves visitors to these pages with clever navigation techniques.


A team of skilled experts

People matter. Developing a visual acceptance of someone is crucial in business to feel safe, trustworthy and confident.

The team section of the site provides personality and professional profiles of each of the leads within the business.

Visit the People Ingenuity website.


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