When presentations, websites, letters and marketing collateral all look different, a team needs to step in and create a style guide that will ensure a consistent look and feel.

The colour wheel

To ensure a consistent use of colour throughout web, print, promo and brand, we developed a very clever colour wheel showing the various level of colour use.

The brand colours are within the first layer, and interactive touch points are within the second layer - explaining that brand elements must always be present before the touch points are allowed to be used.


Logo acceptable uses

The Performance Centre logo contains both light and dark colours - which means we need to identify best practice for logo use on light and dark backgrounds.

Our team developed a series of use-cases that maintain the strengths of the brand with no sacrifice.


Logos must breathe

Logos must feel comfortable in their placement, position and priminence. Therefore we identified the required space around the logo and make it a rule to abide by.


A unique icon set

A series of twelve icons was created to service the benefits and features of the business offering.

Through the use of icons, Performance Centre can better educate the taregt market through visuals.


Font and logo use identification

To make sure that the team at Performance Centre are aware of all elements of the brand style, we identify any and all areas where consistency must be adhered to.

Typefaces and their usage requirements are identified while incorrect use of the logo are displayed.


The Performance Centre mission

The most important elements of any brand are its purpose and vision.

We must document this as part of the style guide to connect the reason and rules together.

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