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Project Brief

To help architects visualise flooring choices for large multi-level projects, Armstrong Flooring asked us to help develop an online visualisation tool. We built Infinity, a lightning-fast solution that allows users to generate over 2700 flooring options in-situ.


What we did


User Experience

Desktop analysis of existing tools and solutions, paired with a thorough understanding of customers' needs helped us focus on creating an exceptionally simple user process that produces near-instant results.

Armstrong Laptop Tile

Final product

Infinity is a tool that allows users to generate high-definition 3D representations on-the-fly of custom flooring solutions in different settings. It is exceptionally simple to use but surprisingly powerful, producing results in seconds. Armstrong Flooring integrated Infinity into their website as a standalone offering.

Armstrong Tiles



We were thrilled to see a whopping 300% increase in sample requests after implementing Infinity, proving the value and time-saving this feature offers to large-scale architecture projects. In addition, Infinity kickstarted a fruitful collaboration with Armstrong on future innovation projects.

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