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Project Brief

Robert Gordon came to us asking for a website that reflects their beautiful, handmade pottery, while converting browsing statistics into real sales. Their hands-on marketing team also needed to have full editorial control of the content on screen for frequent updates and releases.


What we did


User Experience

User experience workshopping helped us determine how best to engage Robert Gordon's customer base. Allowing us to improve their experience by highlighting product photography, placing products front and centre, and creating stellar searching and filtering functions.

Robert Gordon Element
Robert Gordon Element
Robert Gordon Element Robert Gordon Element Robert Gordon Element Robert Gordon Element

Final Product

Investment in research up-front paid off with a significant increase in users and a significant decrease in bounce rates. Minimalist design ensures high-quality product photography steals the show and a seamless experience makes shopping a dream, even on mobile.

Robert Gordon Iphone


Decrease in bounce rates

The simplified website and shopping experience helped us meet or outperform key KPI's such as a significant 15% decrease in bounce rates. An increase in users also proved the value of a great brand experience for achieving our goals.

Robert Gordon Iphone
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