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Project Brief

Snapfile was originally envisioned as a tool to help mortgage clients and companies share documents. Research quickly showed opportunities for Snapfile as a file sharing service that is uniquely user friendly and secure.


What we did

  • UX Strategy
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing
  • custom API integration
  • Analytics
  • Consulting

User Experience

Consultation and competitor research identified unique opportunities in helping people share files in a truly secure environment, helping them connect with others and making file-sharing clearer and simpler. These allowed us to deliver a product with a broad reach and value.

Snapfile Phones
Snapfile component

Final product

Snapfile is a cloud based personal information manager allowing storage of personal and business documents in a digital vault and a unique ability to interact and share with other users. What separates Snapfile from other leading sharing apps is the security - with end to end encryption, your files and connections are safe.

Snapfile Iphone


Success of the initial product led to additional functionality further increasing ease-of-use and sharing. Snapfile is currently in its third delivery phase and will always be 99% finished, growing and evolving with users over time.

Snapfile Iphone
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